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The Ultimate Trading Guide 1st Edition

ow to Spot Short-Term Trends, Trading Systems That Work, Money Management Techniques, and Patterns for Profit


The Ultimate Trading Guide is your chance to get what every trader wants, but few have: the know-how to develop and correctly use a logic-based, reliable, and profitable methodology for successful buying and selling-now. In this complete tutorial, one of today's most respected analysts and his partners provide you with all you need to know to develop an original, computerized system that works for you.

"Can you make money trading the markets with a system? You bet, and this is the book that shows how it's done, based on decades of research and actual trading."-Larry Williams, Author, Day Trade Futures Online and Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading

"Traders at all levels of experience will find a treasure chest of knowledge and guidance in The Ultimate Trading Guide. Advice from these expert authors, gained over decades of trading, research, and study of markets and systems, is virtually priceless. This book receives my highest recommendation."-Edward D. Dobson, President, Traders Press, Inc.

"John Hill, George Pruitt, and Lundy Hill are the acknowledged masters in the design and development of mechanical trading systems. So it's no surprise The Ultimate Trading Guide gets my highest recommendation for those interested in the mechanized trading of stocks and futures." -Gary Smith, Author, How I Trade for a Living

"A well-written and thoroughly enjoyable book. It is filled with refreshingly new ways of looking at the market, combined with valuable perceptions that can only come from John Hill's years of experience and the ability to see the big picture. My congratulations to John for his tenacity in delivering Futures Truth." -Perry Kaufman, Author, Trading Systems and Methods, President, Strategic Market Systems

From the Inside Flap

With the recent explosion in the popularity of trading, nearly everyone who trades wants a trading system-a methodology for buying and selling. A trading system can be a useful tool-provided the trader has the know-how to use it correctly. Unfortunately, few traders do. In this indispensable book, John Hill, one of today's most highly regarded analysts, and his partners, George Pruitt and Lundy Hill, enable traders to develop original systems that they can use to increase their trading profitability.

Demonstrating that a system is only as reliable as the criteria on which it is based and the information that is fed into it, the authors provide traders with the tools needed to develop systems based on sound logic, including complete explanations of:
* The principles behind trading systems
* How various systems operate for
* accounts of all sizes, ranging from
* amounts of $10,000 to $1,000,000
* The tools and background necessary for developing computerized trading systems that are backtested (i.e., tested on existing historical data) and will be profitable in the future
* Short-term market timing techniques for any market

...and much more. Stock, futures and options traders, and individual investors will find that this complete, highly effective tutorial is truly the ultimate in successfully developing and utilizing trading systems that really work.