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The ART of Trading: Combining the Science of Technical Analysis with the Art of Reality-Based Trading

As a trading coach and financial advisor, Bennett McDowell used his own proprietary trading system—Applied Reality Trading® or ART®—to enhance the performance of his clients' portfolios. Now, with this new book, McDowell reveals the unique benefits of his system and makes the case for trading the reality, not the fantasy, of the financial markets.

The ART system is based on reality, and here you'll find the specifics on how to use reality to improve your trading and investing endeavors—whether you deal in stocks, bonds, the Forex market, commodities, or options—and you'll learn how to overcome the volume of information generated by today's markets.

Divided into five comprehensive parts, this reliable resource offers an extensive look at how the ART system and its companion software—which is compatible with a variety of platforms—can help you execute exact trade entries and exits, control risk, and capture consistent profits. Step by step, you'll discover how to:

  • Use price and volume, the true realities of the market, to minimize distortions in your financial decision-making
  • Combine technical analysis with live streaming market data to excel in your trading and investing
  • Select the right financial market and the right time frame for you
  • Apply advanced ART techniques to your trading rules, once you've become familiar with the overall system
  • Benefit from ART Trading Software first hand—a free trial of the software is included with the purchase of this book

While ART adds structure to your trading and investing activities, it can also be tailored to fit your personal style and experience level. You can use ART to trend trade, scalp, or countertrend trade—or you can use it to time your investments. As you'll see, ART is capable of doing all this and much more since it's not a "Black Box" trading system.

It takes both a winning methodology and the right trading software to achieve success in today's markets. With The ART® of Trading as your guide, you'll be introduced to a program that encompasses these essential elements and allows you to take control of your financial future.

by Bennett A. McDowell