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Predict Market Swings With Technical Analysis

Predict Market Swings with Technical Analysis

How do professionals on Wall Street earn a living each year by predicting stock prices when efficient market theory claims that stock prices are essentially random and unpredictable? The answer is simple-by using techniques that allow for a stock market that can at times become predictable.

In Predict Market Swings with Technical Analysis, Wall Street financial consultant and market analyst Michael McDonald shows you how to navigate the turbulent ups and downs of the market and come out with significant profits. This comprehensive trading guide will teach you how to trade the swings of the market by gaining a clear and accurate picture of it.

Predict Market Swings with Technical Analysis contains:
* A trading model that is more accurate than the efficient market model and is closer to the ideas most traders have of the market
* Proven indicators-such as contrary opinion-that will allow you to find the beginning and end of major swings
* New discoveries in chaos theory that help explain the fractal nature of stock price charts
* Four investing paradoxes that will help you make smarter investment decisions
* A broad outline of the possible pattern the market will make during its projected sideways run and a presentation of McDonald's studies on strategies for sideways markets in anticipation of this period

With an innovative approach to trading the stock market, Predict Market Swings with Technical Analysis gives you the knowledge, insight, and confidence to predict market swings and trade for maximum profits.

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