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The Economist Guide to Analysing Companies

The aim of this 4th edition book is to provide an understanding of how to analyse and assess the performance of a company from the information provided about it.

1 Never judge a company on the basis of one year’s figures. Always look at three or, ideally, five years’ figures.

2 Never judge a company in isolation. Always compare its performance with others of the same size and/or the same business sector and/or country.

3 When comparing companies always make sure, as far as you can, that you are comparing like with like – in other words, that the basis of the data being analysed is consistent.

An important lesson from the 1990s is to invest in a company only when you are absolutely certain you understand the business and sector within which it operates. If you cannot see where the profits are coming from, don’t invest.

As far as possible the book is written with a light touch. Companies get their momentum from people, whereas financial analysis of their activities is an art. Art combined with people should be fun; if it is not then you should leave it to those who enjoy it. We wrote this to be a book every trader can use. 

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